Radical Polymerization Kinetics and Process Modeling (#92)

An improved mechanistic understanding of how polymerization rate and polymer architecture depend on reaction conditions and species concentrations is a critical component of process models that are used (along with appropriate experimentation) to guide the optimization of operating conditions for existing and new polymer grades, and to help discriminate between kinetic and physical effects during process development and scale-up. This symposium will provide a forum to present recent progress in the measurement and modeling of controlled-radical and conventional radical polymerization kinetics and processes. Topics include the application of specialized techniques to measure kinetic rate coefficients, the formulation of mechanistic models to represent polymerization kinetics, and the execution of targeted experimental studies under industrially-relevant process conditions to test and validate the models. The impetus for improved knowledge is to enable improvements of current production, to reduce the environmental footprint for both energy and raw materials, and to aid in the design of new processes and products.

Confirmed invited speakers include Kris Matyjaszewski, Michael Buback, Shiping Zhu and Jose M. Asua.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015