Direct and Mediated Bioelectrocatalysis for Biosensors and Energy Conversion Applications (#89)

Bioelectrocatalysis is the subfield of electrocatalysis focused on the use of biomolecules and biological entities to catalyze redox reactions. Over the last decade, there have been great advances in improving both direct and mediated bioelectrocatalysis. This symposium will compare and contrast the electrode design principles that have enhanced mediated and direct bioelectrocatalysis. This symposium will contain talks from researchers in the area of both electrochemical biosensors and biofuel cells and they will detail the advantages and limitations of these design principles when bioelectrocatalysis is being employed for each different application. This symposium will discuss new and emerging nanomaterials and polymers for fabricating bioelectrodes, new bioelectrocatalysts (i.e. deoxyribozymes and organelles), and new analytical techniques for understanding and improving mediated bioelectrocatalysis and promoting direct bioelectrocatalysis.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015