Polymer Gels as Advanced Soft Materials (#83)

Polymer gels are important components of industrial and consumer products. They are also the subjects of fundamental studies by researchers involved in the chemistry of soft materials. Over the last few years, there has been remarkable progress in the formulation of new gel compositions, synthesis of gels, their characterization, optimization of gel kinetics, thermodynamics, and rheology. These developments have led to new biomaterials, sensors, actuators, batteries, and microdevices. This session will address current and future challenges in this active field by focusing on the following target areas: fundamental science of polymer gels and related materials, the role and function of gels in materials chemistry and chemical engineering, and the applications of gels as advanced soft materials. Conventional applications of gels in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, sensors and separation systems will be addressed as well as newer biochemical and biomedical applications in drug delivery, diagnosis, tissue engineering and biomimetic materials, and various applications in industry such as MEMS, optical devices and fuel cells.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015