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Advances in Quantum Monte Carlo (#80)

Recent developments in methods, algorithms and benchmarks suggest that Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) simulations of molecular and condensed matter systems are reaching accuracy and applicability on par with other ab-initio methods of comparable sophistication. Inherently, QMC methods have a very favorable scaling of computational resources with the system size and provide high scalability and throughput even on largest parallel architectures with tens of thousands of cores. QMC is a diverse and dynamically evolving research field with more than 500 publications per year and it also has a significant impact on fundamental problems such as efficient description of many-body quantum systems in general. This symposium plans to invite leaders in the development of QMC methods and practitioners who have applied QMC approaches to plethora of chemical and physical problems, ranging from isolated atoms and molecules to clusters, biomolecules, and condensed matter. The invited and contributed presentations will be grouped into appropriate subject areas whose specific topics will include: 1) New QMC methods and algorithms, 2) Properties of ground states in atoms and molecules, 3) Excited electronic and vibrational states, 4) Relativistic and spin-orbit effects, 5) Use and construction of pseudopotentials, 6) Path integral methods, 7) Combined approaches such as QMC-Full Configuration Interaction, 8) Applications to large systems including biomolecules, clusters, and condensed matter. This QMC symposium will be in honor of Prof. Stuart M. Rothstein (Brock University), a distinguished scientisit in this field.
The list of invited speakers is as follows:
Ali Alavi, Dario Alfe, James B. Anderson, Michel Caffarel, David Ceperley, Garnet Chan, Emanuele Curotto, Adrian Del Maestro, Matus Dubecky, Robert Hinde, So Hirata, Philip Hoggan, Kenneth Jordan, William A. Lester, Jr., Marius Lewerenz, Arne Luechow, Anne McCoy, Roger Melko, Lubos Mitas, Eric Neuscamman, Stuart M. Rothstein, Pierre-Nicholas Roy, Anthony Scemama, Sandro Sorella, Ivan Stich, Masanori Tachikawa, Seiichiro Ten-no, Julien Toulouse, Cyrus Umrigar, Lucas K. Wagner.

Last update: Dec 28, 2015