Materials & Nanoscience

Metal-oxo Clusters: Molecular Design from Monomers to Infinity (#79)

Polyoxometalate (POM) and aqueous metal-oxo cluster chemistry continues to redefine its boundaries, both within the confines of the early d0 Transition Metals as well as outside these Periodic Table borders. Significant recent advances include expansion of group 13 polycations, actinide clusters, and noble metal clusters. With increasing control and complexity of both metal and ligand substitutions in POMs, cluster dimensions and super-assemblies are expanding; and novel functional nanomaterials constructed of POM building-blocks are emerging. In this 25th anniversary of POMs symposia at Pacifichem, we will strive for an emphasis on metal-oxo cluster chemistries applied to global energy and environmental challenges, aligning with one of the major Pacifichem 2015 themes. Recent developments to be showcased in this symposium include 1) POM-MOFs for separations and catalysis; 2) POMs for water oxidation; 3) metal-oxo clusters as precursors for coatings and nano-composites used in optical, electrochemical and electronic devices; 4) POM materials with magnetic and luminescent functionalities; and 5) actinide POMs for separations. This exciting symposium will bring together theoretical and experimental metal-oxo cluster scientists from around the globe. Polyoxometalates @ Pacifichem2015 will most assuredly build new intercontinental collaborations and bridge the disparate metal-oxo cluster forming regions of the Periodic Table.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015