Innovative Strategies for the Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles (#74)

The development of innovative strategies for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds continues to attract intense interest from chemists in both academia and industry. Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic rings, in particular, are key components in the structures of diverse biologically active compounds as well as compounds with interesting electronic, optical, and materials properties. The focus of this symposium will be recent advances in the design and invention of strategies for the efficient synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with particular emphasis on nitrogen heterocycles and ring systems that occur in medicinally important compounds and alkaloid natural products. The symposium will focus on the following specific themes (with approximately one session devoted to each. (1) Cycloaddition strategies for the efficient synthesis of heterocyclic molecules. (2) Transition-metal catalyzed heterocyclic ring-forming strategies. (3) The total synthesis of alkaloid natural products. (4) Stereoselective cyclization methods for the preparation of heterocycles.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015