Lewis Acid/Base Pair Chemistry in Molecular Transformations, Catalysis and Energy Storage (#65)

This symposium will provide an opportunity to share and learn from the latest research results relevant to the multiply facets of combining Lewis acid and Lewis base pairs in chemical transformations. The rich and developing research area into Frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs) is providing opportunities and challenges for chemists across multiple disciplines. Combinations of experimental and computational studies are needed to provide new insight into the unique reactivity of these novel materials. FLPs have been used in a wide diversity of applications ranging from small molecular activation to catalysis and energy storage in chemical bonds. A more detailed fundamental understanding of the similarities and differences provided by the participation of a diverse group of scientific researchers will facilitate the discoveries of novel chemistries and provide new insights into molecular activation by Lewis acid/base pairs. Contributions relating to synthesis, reactivity, spectroscopic characterization, mechanism and application from both computational and experimental research groups will be invited to participate in this symposium.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015