Characterization and Applications of Food Enzymes (#59)

Enzymes are biological catalysts that not only play critical roles in sustaining life in living organisms, but also can be used to improve food quality (e.g., flavor, texture, etc) or for production of functional food ingredients. The proposed symposium aims to provide the latest progress of food enzymes on food processing, which will focus on food enzymes in terms of: (1) enzyme characterization from different sources; (2) enzyme applications on production of bioactive food ingredients and for improvement of food quality; (3) fermentation techniques for commercial production of enzymes; and (4) gene expression of enzymes. The symposiumís main objective is to boost the collegial and industrial interactions to strengthen the technology for the production of food enzymes. Also, this symposium is expected to provide a forum for food scientists, biochemists, and chemical engineers to discuss the most exciting advances in our understanding and exploration of the enzymatic applications.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015