Agrochemistry, Environmental, and Geochemistry

Analysis of Flavors in Specialty Asian Foods (#58)

Flavor is one of the two most important attributes of the foods we eat and drink, which can be characterized by modern state-of-art analytical instruments. This symposium will cover the chemistry of volatile flavoring substances of some specialty Asian foods, including fruit, meat, fermented food, beverage, and liquor. The session in terms of the latest progress on flavor analysis can be categorized into four parts: (1) sample preparation will cover the techniques for sample isolation and concentration, such as SPME and ASE-SAFE; (2) instrumentation techniques will introduce the analytical methods for flavors analysis, including the traditional GC/MS, GC-olfactometry, 2D GC, and E-nose; (3) the mechanisms of flavor production and corresponding flavor precursors in some specialty foods, as well as characterization of some aroma-impact volatiles; and (4) multivariate statistical tools for flavor analysis and quality control, such as PCA, cluster analysis, non-linear prediction, etc., Through the introduction of these methods, we aim to show the advantages, disadvantages, and biases of the most common analytical tools for flavor analysis, and help to link the food scientists, food processors, and flavor industries to solve the practical problems during flavor production and formulation, select the most appropriate techniques, and explore their application potentials.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015