Physical, Theoretical & Computational

Chemistry of Atmospheric Aerosols (#56)

Atmospheric aerosols have profound effects on the environment such as air quality and visibility, regional and global climate change, health effects. Understanding and mitigating environmental impacts of aerosols relies on the fundamental knowledge of their fundamental atmospheric chemistry and evolution of their physico-chemical properties during their life cycle. Comprehensive studies of a diverse mixture of natural and anthropogenic aerosols require multi-dimensional measurements and complementary applications of novel experimental and modeling approaches. This symposium will cover recent advances in the cross-disciplinary areas of physical, analytical and environmental chemistry of aerosols focused on the following topics: 1) Chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols, fogs and cloud water, 2) Heterogeneous multi-phase reactions in aerosols and cloud water, 3) Optical properties of atmospheric aerosols, 4) Impact of aerosols on cloud formation 5) Frontiers in modeling studies of aerosols.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015