Bench to Bedside: Chemistry of Health Care

Advances in Polymers for Medicine (#52)

Polymeric systems are becoming ubiquitous in all areas of biomaterials due to advances in synthetic accessibility and emerging methods for the fabrication of biocompatible and bioactive materials. Polymers have the potential to impact all areas of medicine, as reflected in the explosion of literature in diverse topics within the field; including drug delivery, tissue engineering, molecular imaging, and sensing amongst many others. The proposed symposium will highlight advances in chemistry leading to new and innovative biomaterials, with a focus toward their applications in medicine. The diverse multidisciplinary nature of researchers in these fields underscores the trend toward collaborative innovation in chemical sciences. The scope of the symposium will include polymers and polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery and molecular imaging applications, tissue scaffolds, self-assembled architectures, molecular imprinting, and composite materials. The emphasis of the symposium will be placed on polymer synthesis can impact medical science.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015