Materials & Nanoscience

Nanowires: Synthesis, Fundamental Properties and Novel Device Applications (#51)

Nanowires, including elemental semiconductors, compound semiconductors, metals, and metal oxides, are emerging building blocks for integrated optical, electronic, magnetic, energy-generation devices with novel function and enhanced performance, including more efficient energy utilization. In addition, the feasibility of nanowires for health and biomedical applications has been demonstrated. In order to direct nanowire research towards the advancement of novel devices, a multidisciplinary discussion of nanowire synthesis, their fundamental chemical and physical properties, and device characteristics is essential. This symposium aims to promote an international exchange of the latest advances and challenges in research of nanowires between researchers from pacific countries and elsewhere. This symposium will focus on research on the synthesis, fundamental properties, and device applications of various nanowire structures in a multidisciplinary context. Application to energy conversion (solar cells, thermopower etc.) and storage will be also covered.

Last update: Dec 28, 2015