Metal-Organic Frameworks: Synthesis, Properties and Applications (#50)

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are touted for their porosity, crystallinity, and their options for systematic synthetic variation. This symposium will concern the preparation, characterization and application of MOFs as relating directly or indirectly to porosity. Synthetic themes will concern the generation of porosity as well as its modification, stabilization and control of microstructure. The range of applications to be presented will certainly include gas separation and storage but extend to all functions stemming from the MOFs' porosity including, but not limited to, sensing, catalysis, and delivery for a broad range of substrates.

Keynote Speakers: Stefan Kaskel (DUT, GER), Susumu Kitagawa (KyotoU, Japan), Jeff Long (UC-Berkeley, USA), Christian Serre (UVSQ, FRA), Omar Yaghi (UC-Berkeley, USA), Hongcai Zhou (Texas A&M, USA)

Confirmed Invited Speakers: Rahul Banerjee (NCL, IND), Banglin Chen (UTSA, USA), Deanna D'Alessandro (USydney, AUS), Dirk DeVos (KULeuven, BE), Mohammed Eddaoudi (KAUST, SA),Laura Gagliardi (UMinn, USA), Simon Humphrey (UTA, USA), Myoung Soo Lah (UNIST, KOR), Jing Li (RutgersU, USA), Wenbin Lin (UChicago, USA), Shengqian Ma (USF, USA), George Shimizu (UCalgary, CAN), Randall Snurr (NU, USA), Cheng-Yong Su (SYSU, CHN), Myunghyun Suh (HanyangU, KOR), Praveen Thallapally, (PNNL, USA) Qiang Xu (AIST, JPN), Martin Schroder, (UNottingham, UK), Krista Walton (GaTech, USA), Mike Zaworotko (ULimerick, IRE)
Last update: Dec 28, 2015