Connecting Chemistry with Society

University-Industry Collaboration, Regulatory Environments, and Commercialization of Emerging Technology (#453)

How will nanomaterials developed in university settings and through university-industry collaboration reach the marketplace? How might individuals and institutions in academia, business, and government enhance the prospects for commercial success and expedite the process of innovation? This symposium examines these questions, with particular focus on the areas of energy, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Sessions look to combine two sorts of presentations: 1) perspectives on the commercialization process developed by researchers from management, public policy, and the social sciences and 2) case studies offered by experienced practitioners in industry, academia, and government. Although the symposium aims to generate insights of particular relevance to nanomaterials, presentations may draw on examples of commercialization from other areas of technology and science. Individual presenters may focus on the firm, the nation, the region, or the globe. Together, we look for the presentations to span the entire Pacific Rim and to offer comparative perspective.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015