Frontiers in Flow Injection Analysis and Related Techniques (#45)

Flow injection analysis (FIA) is an important analytical tool to efficiently perform most analytical operations and measurements. FIA has been developed and extended to further generations, such as sequential injection analysis, lab-on-valve, beads injection, multi-syringe FIA and sequential injection chromatography. These can be hyphenated with other analytical techniques such as capillary electrophoresis to improve power of detection, and efficiencies in their operation. Innovative developments in these other areas will also be highlighted. Although flow injection analysis and related techniques are often used for stand-alone determination of one or more analytes, more than that, they provide a platform for the application of the whole canon of sample pretreatment, derivatization, separation and detection methods that are applied in modern analytical science. This symposium focuses on recent advances in the development and application of flow injection analysis and related techniques in the life sciences, manufacturing, agricultural and environmental sciences. It also embraces recent developments in laboratory automation using flow injection approaches, and the evolution and implementation of portable and autonomous flow injection systems for field measurements.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015