Connecting Chemistry with Society

Active and inquiry learning in the chemistry classroom and laboratory (#443)

Active learning instructional strategies in the classroom and laboratory have become increasingly prevalent. These strategies are found in variety of chemistry education contexts around the world, especially where inquiry is a curricular aspiration. The dynamic relationship between what the curriculum demands and the teacher does marries together active learning strategies and an inquiry-oriented approach. An emerging economy requires a well-prepared scientific workforce skilled in inquiry. Education in this context brings forth challenges as a consequence of cultural and economic affordances. This symposium will enable instructors and researchers to share their latest developments in active learning approaches and curricula developments in the classroom and laboratory. It will allow for a robust exploration of the impact of these strategies on student learning outcomes in chemistry. The dual focus of practice and research in this symposium provides opportunities for chemists with an interest in educational issues to participate. We invite a healthy mix of contributed presentations in each symposium session. A call for posters from scholars engaged in action research is also encouraged. These posters will be promoted during the symposium sessions to encourage participants to visit the poster session.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015