Photoredox Catalysis in Organic Synthesis (#440)

Over the past several years, photoredox catalysis has emerged as a viable tool for the development of new synthetic methods and has
contributed to the rebirth of radical chemistry. During this time,
many novel types of chemical reactivity have been uncovered and for this reason, photoredox catalysis has captured the attention of the synthetic community. The symposium on Photoredox Catalysis in Organic Synthesis at the 2015 Pacifichem Conference will highlight the developments in this budding field of research. The application of this technology to the synthesis of fine and commodity chemicals as
well as natural product synthesis will be the focus of this symposium.
Most commonly, metal bypyridyl complexes and organic dyes have all
been employed in this context and the design and synthesis of these
photoredox catalysts will be presented. Research directed toward
understanding the mechanism of synthetic photoredox reactions will be discussed with the hope of designing more efficient and more powerful catalyst systems. This timely symposium will be an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas in this fast-growing field of research.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015