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Recent Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Studies of Liquid Interfaces (#437)

Liquid interfaces create unique environments where molecular processes can be very different from bulk media limits. These processes play crucial roles in a variety of fields including environmental chemistry, electrochemistry, and membrane biochemistry. Consequently, understanding complex phenomena in any of these fields requires the fundamental knowledge of steady-state and dynamic properties of molecules at liquid interfaces. However, obtaining molecular-level understanding of molecules at liquid interfaces is very challenging, because experimental and theoretical methods for investigating liquid interfaces are relatively immature, compared to the advanced methods used to study molecules in bulk solution or adsorbed to solid/vapor interfaces. In the last five years, novel experimental and theoretical approaches have emerged to characterize molecular behavior at liquid/vapor and liquid/liquid interfaces. Advances in interface-selective nonlinear spectroscopy enables us to measure spectral and time-resolved vibrational and electronic properties with accuracies similar to the most advanced solution-phase techniques. Frequency-modulated atomic force microscopy has been used to detect solvation layers at the liquid/solid interface. Theoretical models describing structure and dynamics at liquid interfaces have advanced significantly with aid from super computers, and classical/quantum molecular dynamics simulations now provide clear pictures of molecules at interfaces and provide quantities that can be compared directly with experimental data. These developments are exciting, and we propose to highlight experimental and theoretical advances in studies of liquid interfaces as well as new insights obtained for steady-state and dynamics properties of interfacial molecules at the molecular level. In the proposed symposium, the most active experimentalists and theoreticians present their work and discuss frontier challenges, in particular focusing on advance in spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations for liquid interfaces.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015