(Bio-)Chemical / Electrochemical Sensors and Sensing Materials (#417)

Sensors for analytical applications cover a wide range of chemical sensors (optical, electrochemical, gas sensors) and biosensors relying on a variety of sensing materials. Recently, there is an increasing demand for sensors that are available at any time and at any place for improving quality of life and for guaranteeing the safety of human life (eg. POCT devices, ubiquitous sensors, etc).
Our proposed symposium intends to offer an interdisciplinary platform covering the entire area of sensors and sensing materials development.
The currently proposed symposium is the fourth in a row following our previously organized similar symposia held at Pacifichem 2000, 2005 and 2010. During each of the past Pacifichem events, our symposia enjoyed great popularity. For example, this resulted in sessions on topics such as 1) electrochemical sensors, 2) gas sensors, 3) biosensors, and 4) chemical sensing systems. In addition, we will have evening poster session covering all four of the above-mentioned subtopics.
This interdisciplinary symposium will focus on sensors for environmental-, bio-, clinical-, food-, and security-related substances that provide information for better understanding and for solving problems of daily human life. In this symposium, new sensors and sensing systems, as well as functional materials related to sensors will be discussed from all aspects of chemistry and biochemistry, without limitation to a specific sensing technology.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015