Cognizance of Endangered Elements for Organic Synthesis (#415)

It has been recently recognized worldwide that the supply of elements for chemistry is limited, and several countries have set up a national initiative to replace or minimize the use of endangered elements, such as "Element Strategy Initiative (ESI)" in Japan proposed in 2004 and operating since 2007.
This symposium provides a forum for organic chemists who work to tackle this problem to showcase new synthetic methodologies and new materials that that are enabled via base-metal catalysis. The symposium will start with a summary of ESI, followed by presentations and discussions by chemists contributing to the field on subject such as catalysts development with abundant and ubiquitous metals (Fe, Cu etc.), as well as on the use of such catalysts in organic synthesis and polymer chemistry.
Speakers and participants in catalysis, synthetic organic chemistry and materials science from industry and academia are welcome.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015