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Frontier Chemical Applications Using Accelerator Based Photon Sources (#414)

Accelerator-based photon sources have made a rapid progress in last decade with new sources like the new 3rd generation SR and XFEL which will reveal heterogeneous and dynamic structures of materials especially under working conditions. This symposium follows success of a series of symposia on synchrotron radiation previously held at Pacifichem. During these 5 years, SR's with its emittance less than 1 nm rad have been proposed, a high cost performance SR's and new XFEL's are started and/or planned. In addition to the photon source, accelerator supplies the other probes neutron, position and muon. This symposium intends to provide an opportunity for the mutual understanding and interaction among the different techniques and to invoke a collaboration between users and facility scientists by presenting the forefront probe capabilities, new chemical targets and applications. We focus mainly on the following three topics. 1. energy and environment-related chemistry, 2. catalysts 3. surface processes. We welcome those who are interested in cutting edge science and technology of the accelerator-based photon sources.
Invited Speakers: Dr. David Tiede(ANL,USA);Dr. Martin Meedom Nielsen(DTU, Denmark); Dr. Mark de Jong(CLS, Canada); Dr. Kelly J. Gaffney(PULSE, USA), Dr. Eiko Torikai(Yamanashi Univ., Japan); Dr. Shunsuke Nozawa (PF,Japan)
Last update: Dec 28, 2015