Materials & Nanoscience

Single-Molecule Function and Measurements (#408)

Description (tentative): Rapid progress has been made in the field of single-molecule electronics and devices by strong contributions of chemists in the world, who have accumulated vast knowledge and technical knowhow concerning carrier, spin, and heat transport in metal-molecule-metal junctions.
The number of papers continues to increase and the results reported by state-of-the-art technology have encouraged young chemists in a variety of fields, including physical chemistry, synthesis, analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, to challenge new stages of molecular-scale science, such as brain-like computers in collaboration with physicists and engineers.
In the next decade, molecular-scale science and technology will become one of the key fields of nano-to-micro materials science and engineering. Pacifichem is one of the best occasions to discuss the current stage and future of the field particularly with young students who will take central roles in this emerging field.
Possible topics include:
1. Measurements of single molecular electronic, photonic, and mechanical properties.
2. New molecular designs for single-molecule devices.
3. Utilization of noises and fluctuation of molecules.
4. Biological aspects of single-molecule chemistry.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015