Chemistry of Clean Energy Conversion, Storage, and Production

Global Strategies for Algal Biomass for Bioenergy and Biorefinery (#407)

The approaching exhaustion of fossil fuels and their negative impacts on climate is a critical issue to be addressed in the 21st century with respect to sustainable energy production and petrochemical industry. The renewable biomass has been recognized as a promising solution to address this issue. Algal biomass must play a key role in the field of bioenergy production and biorefinery rather than higher plants by taking advantages of their great diversity and high productivity. Since algal species are globally distributed in any environments; e.g., ocean, land, desert and polar regions and their biomass contains diverse chemical compounds, the comprehensive strategies ranging from algal species selection to mass cultivation methodology and production processes for valuable materials are necessary with consideration of both regional characteristics and target algal characteristics. This interdisciplinary symposium will highlight the innovative research advances in biochemistry and biotechnology for algal energy production and biorefinery. The topics will include 1) metabolic analysis with omics approach, 2) systematic gene engineering, 3) mass cultivation technology, and 4) chemical process engineering (extraction, chemical conversion and storage) for oleaginous algal research. The session will provide valuable clues to develop advanced strategies for renewable energy production from algal biomass.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015