Materials & Nanoscience

Safety and Sustainability of Nanotechnology (#404)

With the nanotechnology boom and a proliferation of nano-enabled products, there is an increasing concern of the potential health hazard of nanomaterials and hence the sustainability of nanotechnology. In the past decade a large body of literature has demonstrated safety issues at all levels of nano-bio interfaces, from biomolecules, cells, organs, organisms, to local ecosystems. As a consequence of these researches, more comprehensive regulations are enforced to oversee research and commercial applications of nanotechnology. The aim of this symposium is to promote collaboration and discussion across multiple disciplines related to nanotechnology. This symposium will bring together chemists, biologists, engineers, and legislators to discuss necessary precautionary approaches and to stimulate cost-effective measures to prevent environmental and health degradation. The particular focus will be on safety and sustainability of nanotechnology. This symposium will be organized under two essential topics. The first topic is to understand nanosafety and mechanisms of nano-bio interactions. Research related to this topic includes nanotoxicology, nanomedicine, biomolecular corona, nanobiosensors, and the like. The second topic is to explore sustainability of nanotechnology. This topic will cover green synthesis, manufacture and characterization of nanomaterials; new techniques and tools for assessing nanosafety and reducing nanorisk. Policy and related economical and societal issues will also be discussed under this topical theme.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015