Agrochemistry, Environmental, and Geochemistry

Food Processing: Chemistry, Quality, Safety, Sustainability, and Value-added By-products (#400)

This symposium will cover five aspects of food processing: advanced technologies; more sensitive analytical methods and instruments for the detection of residue chemicals and food borne pathogens and non-pathogenic bacteria in foods; new packaging materials and technologies that can actively interfere with biochemical processes in the headspace of packaged foods, thus effectively suppressing bacterial growth and prolonging the shelf life of foods; the mechanisms of the interactions between food components, additives, and environments at the molecular level, which has triggered the emergence of numerous new foods with special functionalities and improved availability of beneficial compounds to the body; and advances in sustainable food processing through use of low-impact materials, energy efficiency, and recycling, thereby minimizing the effects on the environment.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015