Materials & Nanoscience

Design of Innovative Photochromic Applications (#399)

Photoswitching based on photochromic molecules is spreading towards new horizons, particularly in nanoscience and biology as it can be used to photoswitch reversibly different physical properties. Considering light as the fuel of the next century, photochromic molecules can be seen as a key element in the development of new and innovative photofunctional materials in the following century for biologists, physicists and chemists. To achieve the design of innovative photochromic application, i.e. finding new application or getting efficient and optimized working materials, it needs cross exchange from multidisciplinary researchers in the Pacific area which is the center of recent intensive commercial exchange. This symposium will be thus dedicated to bring together different chemists from the Pacific area, who work on a wide range of application of photochromic molecules to discuss the next generation of photochromic materials. Several researchers from European countries will be also invited to participate in the discussion. Topics include the following; (1) the design of new photochromic molecules for efficient photo-active materials; (2) the applications of photochromic systems; (3) the study of nanoscale materials and interactions; (4) the photochemical control of biological processes; and (5) the photoactive species in biological media.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015