Organic Solid-State Chemistry: Structure, Property & Reactivity (#398)

The symposium aims to discuss recent developments and pertinent results in the areas of organic solid-state chemistry. The latest research on organic solid-state chemistry accomplishes great success in the broad fields of organic chemistry and physical chemistry, with current emphases on organic synthesis, chiral chemistry, photochemistry, coordination chemistry, luminescent materials, self-assembly, and electronic materials. The symposium will focus on the following topics: (a) Organic reactions and polymerizations in the solid-state; (b) Molecular dynamics in the solid-state; (c) Chirality and optical resolution; (d) Molecular recognition; (e) Crystal structure and design; (f) Mechanism of nucleation, crystal growth, and crystallization process design; (g) Polymorphism, phase transitions, and amorphous structures; (h) Electronic and luminescent properties; (i) Nanostructures and Nanoporous Crystals.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015