New Perspectives of Bioplastics for Environmental Benign Materials (#396)

Bioplastics, biodegradable and biomass-based polymers, have increasingly become important for development of environmentally benign materials. They can provide a solution to problems concerning energy resources, the global environment and solid waste management. Research on biodegradable and biomass-based polymers has been carried out worldwide with the aim of achieving a balance between human activities and the natural environment. Over the last decades, there has been their remarkable progress in control of biodegradability, improvement of physical properties, preparation of composite materials with inorganics, and industrial applications in various fields. Fundamental scientific studies as well as applied engineerings of bioplastics have led to socially and industrially significant developments. This symposium focuses on new perspectives of bioplastics such as new biodegradable polymers from aliphatic polyesters and polysaccharides, modification of bioplastics for new applications, high-performance bioplastics derived from biobased aromatics, functionalization of bioplastics for various bio-related applications, preparation and structural control of composites of bioplastics with inorganics and natural fibers including nanocellulose, fundamental studies on structure-property relationships of bioplastics, biomass-based soft and elastic polymers for coatings, adhesives, and hydrogels, and recent industrial applications of bioplastics. Life cycle of bioplastics is also discussed in this symposium. In order to elevate bioplastics to a new future-oriented stage, this symposium will provide interdisciplinary discussion between researchers of various fields.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015