Agrochemistry, Environmental, and Geochemistry

Sources, Fates and Risks from Consumer Product Ingredients in the Environment (#391)

This symposium will focus on potential impact of chemicals in the environment from consumer products and materials used around the home. These could include formulated consumer products like cosmetics, cleaning products and other household products. In addition, it could include chemicals in durable goods such as furniture (e.g., flame retardants), plastics and plastics additives, textiles and construction materials used around the home. The symposium will address the routes by which consumer product ingredients enter the environment (the source term); inventories of different classes of compounds; chemical transformations, degradation products and their chemistries; pathways and biological uptake, metabolism; and assessment of risks to biota. The desire is to represent perspectives from a variety of Pacific Rim countries and from the viewpoint of product manufacturers, government assessment agencies and academic researchers.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015