Materials & Nanoscience

Materials for the Mitigation of Chemical Hazards (#388)

This symposium will focus on the synthesis, design, and engineering strategies for materials with the ability to adsorb, react, and/or sense hazardous chemicals. Hazardous chemicals are to include, but are not limited to, toxic industrial chemicals (e.g. ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc.) and chemical warfare agents (e.g. sarin, sulfur mustard, VX, etc.). There is much interest in protection from these classes of chemicals for protection in industrial as well as military settings. In particular the focus will be on the use of sorbents for air purification, catalysis, target/trigger responses, nanomaterial fabrication, and hierarchichal structure development/integration. This symposium will also include talks on basic studies of sorbate-sorbent interactions, including molecular modeling. Materials of interest may include metal-organic frameworks, porous organic polymers, zeolites, nanofibers, and metal/metal oxide nanoparticles, among others. The goal of this symposium is to share information on developing strategies to sense, remove, and/or react toxic chemicals using solid materials.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015