Connecting Chemistry with Society

Advancing Sustainability: Catalyzing Interdisciplinary Scholarship for Green Chemistry (#383)

Green chemistry may be a science but its implementation in industry or not! will result from the interplay of social processes traditionally theorized by business school researchers, legal and policy scholars, historians, economists and political scientists as well as scholars of science and technology. If implementation is the goal, understanding green chemistry as well as its social context from multiple perspectives can yield valuable insights. This session provides a forum for exemplifying the initial implementation of green/sustainable chemistry in both academic and industrial settings and overlays a discussion of how green/sustainable chemists interact with social scientists interested in green/sustainable chemistry and to share their research results as well as to network with each other.
Ultimately it is the commercial practice of green chemistry that will enable the transition to a more sustainable planet. Commercial scale implementation is gaining global traction and the role of social science in enabling this transition will be critical to the pace of change and acceptance. This symposium will enable a rich dialog at the interface of the physical and social sciences.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015