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Women in Chemistry: Changing the Face of Science (#382)

This symposium will focus on the contributions of women chemists in the Pacific Basin Countries. Although the proportion of women in the chemical community has increased significantly over the last one hundred years, they have still not achieved parity with their male colleagues. Pacific basin countries continue to play an important role in furthering progress in science and technology. In many countries women have not had the opportunity to fully utilize their talents in the scientific community. The present situation is influenced by history and culture, and is different in each country. Many problems, which women encounter in their career development (such as child care and research environment), are common to all countries while others are unique to some countries based on cultural backgrounds and customs. This Symposium is intended to celebrate the accomplishments of past women chemists, review the current situation of women chemists in the different Pacific Rim countries, and provide a forum for proposals to reduce the gender inequalities that currently exist.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015