Connecting Chemistry with Society

Chemistry Education: International and Multicultural Perspectives (#365)

Despite the impetus of globalization and the influence of communication and information technologies, approaches to teaching and learning remain dependent on contextual factors. Likewise, views about educational research—what may be relevant and how research may be conducted—are varied for different world regions and cultures. This symposium intends to create a space to share ideas within the international chemistry education community and to allow presentation of experiences and views about chemistry education research and education from an international and multi-cultural perspective. This symposium invites chemistry educators at all levels to contribute presentations addressing, among other topics, experiences and challenges in the classroom and laboratory, effective teaching/mentoring strategies, and educational policies from their own national and cultural perspectives. Chemical education researchers conducting studies with a focus on culture or nationality or collaborative studies across cultural and national borders are especially encouraged to submit their work. Descriptive presentations with the purpose of informing about specific educational experiences are also welcome.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015