Isotope Production--Providing Important Materials for Research and Applications (#363)

We are soliciting contributed abstracts for presentations or posters describing recent accomplishments in research and development having the ultimate aim of providing data or technology pertinent to the production of radioactive or enriched stable isotopes. Materials containing enriched stable and radioactive isotopes of the elements are used extensively in research and applications in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, energy, environment, nutrition, toxicology, forensics and many other disciplines. The production of these materials generally requires highly specialized facilities and expertise in such diverse areas as nuclear chemistry, radiochemistry, analytical chemistry, separations sciences, nuclear physics, accelerator and reactor sciences, nuclear fuel cycle, particle transport modeling, thermal hydraulics, materials science, and others. The intent of this symposium is to bring together scientists, engineers, technicians and students working across these areas to develop novel methods of production of isotopically unique materials. Relevant research might include theoretical and experimental aspects of transmutation methods to produce isotopes using reactors and particle accelerators, development of chemical and physical processes to recover and purify the product materials from intentionally activated targets or from legacy materials, development of remote handling and automation to contain and process activated or chemically energetic materials, and chemical or physical methods to produce enriched stable isotopes.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015