Agrochemistry, Environmental, and Geochemistry

Recycling of Polymeric Materials: Challenges and Perspectives (#36)

Advances in the lifestyle has remarkably increased the utilization of synthetic and natural polymeric materials such as plastics (Industrial, Municipal, e-Waste plastics, rubber, biomass etc., The synthetic polymeric materials are non-biodegradable and remain over long periods in nature posing serious environmental problems. It is very important to find out the suitable, clean and efficient conversion methods to protect the environment and recover the valuable materials. Feedstock recycling, mechanical (material) recycling, and energy recovery are presently applied for selected polymeric waste materials. However, the treatment of commingled and halogenated mixed plastics for clean energy and feedstock recycling, emission of environmentally hazardous materials during incineration or energy recovery and problems during the separation among polymers and metals are issues. This symposium focuses on the (1) fundamental investigations on the recycling of synthetic and natural polymeric waste materials, (2) novel technologies for recycling methods and processes and associated problems, (3) industrial processes for conversion of plastics from all sectors (4) environment friendly e-waste treatment methods, (5) waste management methods to reduce the industrial and municipal waste and also (6) technical issues associated in the presently available recycling methods (7) case studies of pilot/commercial units for the recovery of value added materials
Last update: Dec 28, 2015