Agrochemistry, Environmental, and Geochemistry

Phytochemicals for Crop Protection: Discovery to Molecular Target (#358)

To date, uncountable numbers of secondary metabolites acting on insects, weeds and pathogens that are targets for plant protection have been described in the literature. Yet, biosynthesis, relevant gene regulation, and modes of action of most metabolites are still elusive. Meanwhile, some synthetic insect- and pathogen-targeting pesticides are known to modify metabolism in crop plants to strengthen their resistance through induced synthesis of secondary metabolites. This symposium focuses on such aspects of secondary metabolism to understand the molecular mechanisms of biosynthesis, actions on receptors and resistance generation in target organisms. This symposium encompasses the secondary metabolites involved in plant-insect, plant-microbe and plant-plant interactions as well as omics methodology with next generation sequencing as well as target and non-target mass/NMR analyses of plant metabolites. The oral session will have 6 invited talks. In addition, 6 contributed papers will be selected from contributions to the poster session. One poster session will be open to scientists in agrochemistry and chemical ecology, as well as to organic chemists involved in the challenging syntheses of the metabolites and chemical probes to analyze them. Also, contributions from omics specialists and identification of metabolite targets are welcome. The goal of this symposium will provide new insights into biological, chemical and ecological meanings of the metabolites, thus promoting multidisciplinary chemical biology in this field for more environmentally benign plant protection.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015