Materials & Nanoscience

Multi-scale & Synergistic Supramolecular Systems in Material and Biomedical Sciences (#357)

Current technology of bottom-up and top-down synthesis and observation methods have realized the design and synthesis of artificial systems that have three-dimensional structures from atomic or molecular (nanometer) scale to living cell or tissue scale (micrometer to centimeter scale). However, it seems that there still is a large gap between these research fields, possibly due to the different sizes of the objects the researchers deal with. Multidisciplinary discussion and collaboration of the scientists working in different fields should stimulate the unprecedented innovation of science and technology. The purpose of this symposium is to discuss and forecast the basic and unique properties, and the synergistic effect of artificial systems having different scales, such as nanomachines, microdevices, microfluidics, metal clusters, photochemical systems, supermolecules, polymers, chiral materials, artificial cells, etc. Topics about photochemical systems (analytical and synthetic) using the lights from nm-scale (UV~visible) to IR regions will be included. Application of these technologies to biological, medical, synthetic, and environmental sciences will also be discussed. Contributions from the related scientific fields are welcome and we would like to offer good opportunities for the participants to enjoy attractive research topics, discussing research interests, and making valuable personal relationships with active chemists, physicists, and biologists.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015