Materials & Nanoscience

Supramolecular Assemblies at Surfaces: Nanopatterning, Functionality, Reactivity (#346)

Supramolecular assembly at surfaces is a burgeoning field dealing with the use of hydrogen bonds, metal-organic coordination, and van der Waals interactions to form two-dimensional long-range ordered patterns. At the same time, there has been a recent surge of interest in controlling the formation of covalent polymers at surfaces, following the need to create more robust structures that may have advanced functionalities. The former are model systems for the growth of organic thin films used in organic electronic devices; the latter are organic analogues of graphene, i.e., planar two-dimensional conjugated structures. This symposium will bring together scientists from organic chemistry and surface physics communities presenting recent breakthroughs in the formation and characterization (particularly, by scanning probe techniques) of functional macromolecular and supramolecular structures at surfaces. This is the third meeting on the topic, after February 2012 meeting in Lanzarote (Spain), and March 2014 symposium at ACS-Dallas.
Confirmed invited speakers:
Zhenan Bao (Stanford University)
Ludwig Bartels (UC Riverside)
Johannes Barth (Technical University of Munich)
Peter Beton (University of Notthingham)
Eric Bourget (Temple University)
Lifeng Chi (U Soochow/U Muenster)
Steven De Feyter (KU Leuven)
Leo Grill (University of Graz)
Stefan Hecht (Free U Berlin)
Kerry Hipps (Washington State University)
Saw Wai Hla (Ohio University)
Yousoo Kim (RIKEN)
Masashi Kunitake (Kumamoto University)
Markus Lackinger (Deutsche Museum, Munich)
Nian Lin (Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology)
Kian Ping Loh (National University of Singapore)
Roberto Otero (University of Madrid)
Hiroshi Sakaguchi (Kyoto University)
Meike Stohr (University of Groningen)
Steven Tait (University of Indiana)
Yoshito Tobe (Osaka University)
Chen Wei (National University of Singapore)
Matthew Zimmt (Brown University)
Last update: Dec 28, 2015