Carbohydrate Recognition in Health and Disease (#342)

It has become increasingly evident that carbohydrate–protein recognition plays critical roles in the regulation of many biological processes such as protein folding, cell signaling, fertilization, embryogenesis, and the proliferation of cells and their organization into specific tissues. Overwhelming data supports the relevance of glycosylation in pathogen recognition, inflammation, innate immune responses, the development of autoimmune diseases, and cancer. This symposium will bring together experts in glycobiology, complex carbohydrate synthesis, carbohydrate receptors and sensors, microarrays, lectins, carbohydrate-mediated pathogenesis, and related fields to discuss (1) biological problems involving carbohydrate recognition, (2) structural factors mediating carbohydrate recognition, (3) chemical synthesis of complex carbohydrates and glycomimetics to probe carbohydrate recognition, and (4) modulation of biological and pathological processes through carbohydrate recognition. The symposium intents to provide a forum for scientists from different disciplines to collectively address the issue of targeting carbohydrate recognition for the development of novel therapeutic and diagnostic agents.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015