Materials & Nanoscience

Ceramic Materials and Processing for Advanced Applications (#341)

In the past few years significant progress has been reported on the synthesis as well as on the structural, physical and chemical characterization of self-assembled metal oxide nanostructures with sizes in the range of 1-100 nm that exhibit size-dependent properties. The field of nanostructured materials (e.g. nanowires, nanorods, nanotetrapods) has become one of the most active research areas within the nano-science community. Such materials are leading to fundamental new discoveries as well as applications in Photovoltaics, Electroceramics, Multi-ferroic materials, Catalysis and Solar Hydrogen. This symposium focuses on synthesis, structural and functional characterization of self-organized materials and nanostructures of ceramic materials for a broad range of potential applications, with particular interest in tailoring and controlling structure/property relationships via rational material design. In addition, this symposium will also be devoted to new nanotechnology tools and technological procedures useful for the development of new functional devices which integrate bottom-up and top-down technologies. Proposed Session Topics will include: (a) Multi-functional materials; (b) Advanced and Nanostructured materials for photonics; (c) Advanced and Nanostructured materials for electronics; (d) Advanced and Nanostructured materials for sensing.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015