Dioxygen Activation Chemistry of Metalloenzymes and Models (#339)

The selective oxidation/oxygenation of organic molecules is important for a multitude of biological processes, including key metabolic reactions and oxidation of xenobiotics. A diverse array of metalloenzymes activate dioxygen using heme, nonheme iron, multinuclear copper, and heterometallic active sites. In these systems, a variety of active-oxygen metal species with the O-O bond either cleaved or intact are possible reactive intermediates responsible for substrate oxidation/oxygenation. Detecting and identifying these intermediates and elucidating mechanistic details have been the focus of intense research efforts involving both enzymatic and synthetic model systems. Through experimental and theoretical approaches, new paradigms for oxygen activation have emerged over the past five years. This symposium will address these recent developments in the field from both the biological and synthetic perspectives. The symposium will bring together a diverse group of speakers and will be of interest to researchers from a variety of disciplines, including bioinorganic, organic, and biological chemistry.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015