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Policies and Procedures Regarding Primary Research Data (#335)

In the last few years, a new focus has emerged on primary research data. There are several reasons for this interest. Informatics researchers, including cheminformatics researchers, want larger datasets to develop their algorithms to extract information and knowledge from existing work; funding agencies want to broaden the impact of the research dollars they spend in collecting data; universities and research libraries are helping their researchers to understand and meet funding agency requirements; and publishers and societies seek to provide tools and resources to capture and preserve data associated with publications. In addition, mechanisms to better ensure reproducibility of published experimental research might be enabled through archiving and preservation of research data. Data citation is envisioned as a mechanism to assign credit, and therefore provide a motivation for scientists, for publishing research data. This session will examine data policies in different countries, ways in which individual scientists and research institutions are responding to those policies, ways in which publishers and societies are helping their authors and members meet preserve the data associated with published articles, and methods in which data repositories are addressing archiving, preservation, and access to research data.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015