Magnetoanalytical Science: Separation, Characterization and Imaging (#320)

Recent development of magneto-science has stimulated researches on novel applications of magnetic fields in analytical sciences. Magnetophoresis and electromagnetophoresis have been developed as new migration methods of particles in micro-fluidic systems. The use of magnetic field in material science is also extensively investigated. The functional magnetic particles opened wide applications in the field of biological and medical engineering. Analysis of Lorentz force in electrochemical systems is growing as an attractive subject. Effect of magnetic fields on chemical reactions and biological systems has been studied as an important subject. Magneto-optical effects as well as magneto-resonance effects are investigated to develop useful characterization and imaging methods of micro-systems. The symposium will include presentations on the fundamental studies of magnetoanalytical systems and new methods or adaptations of existing methods to characterize them, and also on the applications of the magnetoanalytical methods.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015