Materials & Nanoscience

Membranes and Nanotechnologies for Energy and Environment Applications (#317)

Membrane is a unique class of materials systems that allows selective physical and chemical transport to play a significant role in the critical application areas of energy and environment applications. While inexpensive, current polymer membranes suffer from strong permeability/selectivity trade-off, large-pore-size distributions, and low temperature and chemical stability. Thus, innovative synthetic approaches and new membrane materials should be needed to make fast, selective pores with sub-nanometric scale precision over large areas in a practical and economic manner. Nowadays, membrane science and technologies have been combined with advanced nanoscience and its fabrication technologies, showing many unique, extraordinary separation performances. The goal of this symposium will be to present the latest research developments in the field of membrane materials based on nanotechnologies, and therefore, the symposium will emphasize fundamental concepts in new membrane material synthesis and characterization, and its energy and environment applications. This symposium will be the venue for bringing together new membrane materials concepts in membrane architectures directly to important applications areas.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015