Materials & Nanoscience

Nitroxide Radicals: Synthesis and Functional Bio-/Nanomaterials (#309)

Nitroxide and related persistent organic free radicals exhibit a number of unique chemical and physical properties making them an exceptional choice as synthetic and functional tools for emerging nano- and bio-technologies. This Symposium will be focused primarily on new emerging directions in the field of materials and technologies that are based on nitroxides and other persistent organic free radicals such as:
1) Synthesis of functional nitroxide radicals and related persistent radicals with programmed properties;
2) Chemistry and physical properties of supramolecular assemblies;
3) Nanomaterials and hybrid nanostructures and parallel developments in spectroscopic methods.
4) Controlled radical polymerization and polymers;
5) Devices that are based on free radicals and nitroxides such as batteries and non-volatile memory.
The main theme of the Symposium will be in following the common thread of nitroxides and related free radicals in chemical systems and materials of increased complexity and sizes: from organic synthesis of small molecules to supramolecular assemblies, nanoclusters, and polymer- and biomaterials. The trans-disciplinary nature of the Symposium will bring together organic synthetic, polymer, and material chemists as well as experts in spectroscopy and underlying theory.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015