Physical, Theoretical & Computational

Dynamical Intermolecular Interactions for Biological Functions (#307)

Dynamic intermolecular interactions in DNA and proteins are crucial to their biological functions and these transient interactions include a wide range of phenomena such as critical electrostatic fluctuations, active-site modulation, confined excited-state dynamics, ultrashort-lived radical formation, unique electron tunneling and ultrafast protein folding. This symposium will focus on these recent developments in experiment and theory. Topics include but not limited to the critical dynamic interactions between ligand/substrate/chromophore and DNA/proteins as well as intraprotein interactions for diverse functions such as DNA-ligand interactions and reactions, enzyme catalysis, photo-induced signaling, and even protein folding. These critical developments are timely and essential to providing a molecular basis for design or control of various biological functions.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015