S-block Metal Chemistry (#304)

For a long time the foundation of organic and inorganic synthetic processes, s-block organometallic and metal-organic chemistry has, in the last decade, become again one of the fastest growing areas of chemistry. This recent surge in interest is directly attributable to the preparation, understanding and application of many exciting compounds and materials with unusual bonding, coordination modes, reaction chemistry and physical properties. Detailed structural and spectroscopic investigations of an ever growing tableau of complexes has led to greater diversity and impressive applications and potential in the areas of synthesis, catalysis, polymer, materials and medicinal chemistry.
This symposium will showcase these recent developments with foci on the (i) synthesis and characterization of novel organo s-block and metalorganic compounds and the elucidation of their respective structural patterns by structural analysis and theoretic calculations, ii) novel reaction patterns of s-block reagents, (iii) studies into structure-function relationships, (iv) mechanistic studies on the reactivity and catalytic properties of s-block metal compounds and (v) applications of the s-block metal compounds in catalytic reactions and material science.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015