Supramolecular Chemistry at the Interface of Materials, Biology, and Medicine (#300)

Supramolecular chemistry is chemistry beyond the covalent bond and includes hydrogen bonded systems, curcurbiturils and cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, reversible metal ion coordination, rotaxane formation, as well as a wide range of biomolecular recognition and self-assembly processes. The latter are pivotal to the correction functioning of biological systems. These types of supramolecular interactions are both used and studied by a remarkably broad range of chemists. Increasingly research in these areas is interdisciplinary and translational, with a strong focus on the development of applications. The symposium will focus on the use of supramolecular interactions in applications at the interface of chemistry and materials, biology, and medicine. More specifically, the symposium will highlight the diversity of work ongoing in these areas and include, but not be limited to the development of advanced/smart materials, supramolecular polymers, novel therapeutic strategies, bioimaging agents, chemical and bio-sensors and devices.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015