Physical, Theoretical & Computational

Coarse Grained Modeling and its Integration with Experiments (#30)

Computer simulations have evolved as a powerful tool in scientific discovery alongside experiment and theory. Increasingly, simulations and experiments are being used hand since in hand many challenging goals are only achievable by the interplay of complementary techniques. This is especially true in the area of large-scale molecular modeling. The aim of this symposium is to further strengthen collaborations and discussion across the vanishing experiment-simulation divide.
This symposium will bring together mainly computational researchers along with their experimental counterparts who have collaborated and integrated their techniques in novel ways. The scientific focus will be on soft materials including polymeric, glassy and biophysical systems. Additionally, novel techniques to validate the models against experiments and to co-analyze experiments and simulations will be discussed. Specific areas and pressing questions will include novel computational techniques to access experimental length and time scales, morphology/structure prediction, elucidating complex structures from experimental data and simulations,dynamics of macromolecules, computational interpretation of experimental data, and experimental validation of simulation models.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015