Bench to Bedside: Chemistry of Health Care

Molecular Design in Medicine: Concept to Commerce (#295)

Molecular design and chemical synthesis are two of the defining features that make chemistry a central enabling science. In the area of medicine, molecular design has been a key driver for the discovery of active pharmaceutical ingredients, but also plays an important role in medical diagnostics, bioengineering and biomedical materials. Without efficient chemical synthesis, to access initially a broad array of molecular structures and later a large scale for specific structures, molecular medicine would never have an impact on society. Chemical analysis plays an important role in identification of new leads (e.g. from natural product or traditional Chinese medicinal sources) as well as in quality assurance and quality control of drug products. Global pharmaceutical development succeeds not in the pursuit of a collection of isolated technical/scientific problems but through systems analysis and management of numerous integrated factors. Pharmaceutical Science therefore must be a multi-disciplinary enterprise comprising scientific, engineering, economic, social and regulatory affairs. The symposium profiles the bigger picture molecular design and chemical synthesis plays from discovery to launch. Academic and industry leaders will showcase drug development as a translational science that starts with fundamental concepts of the molecular model and ends up with a new medicine in the marketplace.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015